Kale salad

Found this great recipe for the super-food #kale salad. Kale Salad

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

This is a great option for a  vegetarian thanksgiving! Follow this link for recipes.  Thanksgiving    

Great Corn on the Cobb

Found this Great Corn on the Cobb recipe on Bon Appetit I love corn and especially summer corn..Its just great plain but this recipe looks really good! Wanted to share this with you! Let me know what you think. Get recipe

Spring Pasta

Great Spring Recipe! If you love asparagus you  will love this combination. I love to share good food that’s good for you! Spring Pasta: Asparagus & Prosciutto with a Lemony Cream Sauce This is a great recipe!! Asparagus is one of those true signs of spring and I just love this veggie’s right of passage, […]

Carrot and Ginger soup

Better than Chicken soup? Well not sure but I love healthy natural options when I am not feeling well. This recipe looks good enough to eat anytime..Let me know what you think? Dirty Carrot and Ginger Soup        

Lessons in Farming

  Lessons in Farming listed how to re-grow lettuce..I think this is a great idea check it out you might too! Read more follow this link  

Discovering the healer within

My mother was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her lung. The doctor said it was terminal and that she would live another twelve months. Needless to say the news was devastating to our family. My sister and a few of my friends knew I was making the trip home to work on mother. They […]