Discovering the healer within

Posted: October 13, 2013 By: Comment: 0

My mother was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her lung. The doctor said it was terminal and that she would live another twelve months. Needless to say the news was devastating to our family.

My sister and a few of my friends knew I was making the trip home to work on mother. They had all expressed their faith in my ability as a healer. Although I felt grateful for their belief in me, it did not make the situation any easier. As I drove down the winding gravel road to my parent’s house many thoughts were run­ning through my mind: I cannot believe you actually think you can do this! Who do you think you are? Daddy did ask me to come but what could I say—thanks for the vote of confidence but I think I will pass?

I kept mulling over my twenty years of be­ing a massage therapist/healer. Yes, there had been some very powerful “healing sessions” during my career, but this seemed very different. This was my mother and she had terminal cancer. I asked myself—What if this doesn’t work.

I finally snapped out of it and started praying for guidance “God help me, if I ever wanted to help someone, it’s Mama. Please show me how.” As I reached the last curve with the house in view, I knew I had to try, although I was uncertain what, if anything would occur.

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