My facial with Melinda was extremely relaxing! She also recommended a routine for my skincare going forward so I can look my best for wedding day. Extremely happy with the service! B Robinson 9-25

Donya was amazing with great energies, soothing personality, engaging and very skilled w Reiki and reflexology. I loved the quaint small spa environment. Very appealing!! Thanks see you soon!! D. Parker 9-17

My teenage daughter has battled acne for several years. Her dermatologist proscribed numerous oral and topical medications — but all of them irritated her skin, causing painful peeling and redness. And none of them improved her acne. The Dr. told her that the last option was oral birth control. Before going this route, my daughter asked me if we could try an alternative approach. I found Mon Sanctuaire in a Google Search and was encouraged by the client testimonials. After just one visit to Melinda, we noticed an amazing decrease in redness and irritation. My daughter said that her skin didn’t hurt for the first time in years. We made a reasonable investment (I was honestly surprised by how affordable the skin care regime was) in the all-natural facial products Melinda recommended. It has been 6 weeks now, and with daily use of the products and one additional facial with microdermabrasion my daughter’s skin has undergone a transformation. The irritation and redness is completely gone and the breakouts — when they occur — are much less severe and easily controlled. With continued facials and good home care I am confident that her acne will continue to improve and eventually disappear.  I wanted share our experience with others who are unsuccessfully battling acne. I know that my daughter had become somewhat hopeless that anything would work — but Melinda has made it possible for her to enjoy her skin care regime — knowing that it’s making her feel and look better. K Mcmanis Feb 2018

My best friend was in town from Chicago and we choose Mon Sanctuaire via Groupon. Normally that can be a hit or miss, this was a winner! I had the Lime and Sea Salt Scrub. The technician and the service was more than I could ask for! Definitely will be back. M. White July 11

I love Mon Sanctuaire! The atmosphere is cozy and so relaxing resulting in a heavenly spa experience. I have had massages and facials and I highly recommend all services at Mon Sanctuaire. S. Stankus June 25

I’ve been going to Mon Sanctuaire for over 2 years and can’t imagine going anywhere else!!! Awesome!! Maria York  Sat, Jun 11, 2016

Jackie is an exceptional therapist. I’ve had to search extensively to find someone gifted and she absolutely measures up. Steve Tyson  5-29, 2016

I felt like I was with a very experienced and skilled massage therapist. I haven’t had a tension headache since I left and my back and neck area feel less stiff. Loved it. Joana Suleiman  May 24, 2016

I love Mon Sanctuaire. Every service I’ve had there was relaxing and wonderful! I’ve enjoyed massages, facials, and reflexology. I recommend them all! Ericka Kinsey  May 15, 2016

After the facial, I felt like a new person. What a cleansing! Linda Blythe  Apr 8, 2016

I have been a client of Melinda Naff for over 20 years. She is an excellent massage therapist – professional and knowledgeable. She is so in-tune with the human body that I don’t even have to tell her where I hurt. Melinda puts her hands on me and know. When Melinda gives me a massage, it is truly an out of body experience! Sue DeVries Apr 6, 2016

I have gone to see Melinda with pain in my knee and once with severe, yes, severe hip pain. I got immediately relief and permanent relief after a few more visits. I can’t explain what gift she has. Ann Smolinski  Apr 6, 2016

Catherine is the best!!! She customizes the work that I need depending on how I have abused my body since the last session. I love her and can’t live without her! So glad she is part of my wellness team. Karen Hurley Mar 31, 2016

My experience was wonderful. Mon Sanctuaire is a healing oasis. Melinda is very knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. Her techniques and massage help to restore your health and to feel rejuvenated. She provides you with the tools and education to live a healthier life. She truly has healing hands. I felt great after 1 visit. Janae Johnson Mar 19, 2016

Catherine was incredible identifying areas that needed attention. And the combination with reflexology really helped my body.

The customer service was so appreciated. It made me feel valued Mary Pat Raimondi Mar 12, 2016

Love Mon Sanctuaire. Great value. Great massage. Love how Jackie starts with the feet. Thanks! I’ll be back! Christine Fischer  Sat, Mar 5, 2016



Jackie gave the best massage. Gayle Pong Mar 3, 2016

Melinda was great. She was professional and was very thorough with the services she provided. I will definitely go back again Monica Williams  Mar 3, 2016


Melinda and Jackie are miracle workers. Whenever I come in for massage therapy, I always leave free of pain for weeks. I cannot recommend them highly enough, these women are incredibly skilled therapists. Deb and Tim Firebaugh Feb 21, 2016

My face was glowing after my facial. The masseuse really seemed to know her muscles and found the one that was causing me so much pain. It was a day of pampering myself just like I had hoped. She even hugged me goodbye at the end! Rebekka Baltzell  Feb 4, 2016

“I first experienced Mon Sanctuaire through a Groupon, and chose to have the “mini massage” (the Groupon was for either a facial or mini massage).  I have had several massages in my life, but this was definitely unique.  First off, I came in severely stressed.  I was expecting a Swedish massage or something similar, but ended up getting something completely different (though I was pleasantly surprised). As other reviewers have noted, Melinda uses a “hybrid” massage approach including cranial sacral therapy.  My back and neck were extremely tight, and at first, I really questioned whether the technique Melinda was using would have any effect whatsoever.  It was more like gentle poking in different places (not unlike acupuncture).  At first, the places she poked were extremely painful; however, nearly as soon as she touched them, my body just “melted” into the pressure and the pain immediately subsided.  It was amazing.  By the time I left the session, I felt more relaxed than I had felt for weeks.  Melinda promised me that the treatment she had given me would “open” me up and release toxins.  Whatever she did, I was very surprised the next day when I felt sore (not unlike a good workout when you overwork a few areas), despite the fact that during the massage, I felt like she was being extremely gentle (it never felt like she was doing deep tissue massage).  At any rate, I came away feeling extremely relaxed and was sad to learn that I’d found this place right before moving away from the area.” – Airon M (Alexandria)

“My experience with Melinda was a life changing experience. It was a super relaxing first session, and I noticed immediate positive results physically and emotionally. I returned weekly and have sent my husband and children. Now I’ve decided that giving a gift certificate to Mon Sanctuaire is a perfect way to give gifts to family and friends. It’s a perfect birthday or holiday gift that would make a real difference in anyone’s life. She truly is a gifted person.” – Ann (Alexandria, VA)

“I used a groupon to visit Mon Sanctuaire and have never been more pleased with a facial. I’ve been getting facials since I was 13 battling acne and Melinda really knows her stuff! So often you get duped by the soft spoken skin care experts and the mood lighting and nature music, but Melinda was all business and a history of expertise. She was able to immediately address my problem areas, and make reasonable recommendations. No fancy machines, just her hands, it felt AMAZING! My facial included extractions, neck and shoulder massage, and a knowledgeable consultation. She completely changed my skin care regimen, eliminated the products that I didn’t need, or shouldn’t have been using, and one week later, my skin still feels tons better than it did before my visit to her! Because it’s just her (and those wonderful hands), scheduling can be packed, but if you give yourself a couple weeks notice, she can certainly work you in. I had to reschedule at the last minute (DC traffic), and had no problems at all. I definitely recommend Melinda at Mon Sanctuaire if you’re ready to commit to long term skin care plan, or just for a mini-facial to jump start that fresh feeling.” – Anonymous

“I cannot say enough about this salon. So happy to have purchased that Groupon.  Happy enough to keep coming back. You have to die for body scrubs! Facials that make you glow (I am not kidding) Different massages for so many different reasons you might need one. Now They Have Reflexology. Melinda is amazing. Her new therapist Catherine works alone & with Melinda. She is so comfortable to be with. I think her voice relaxes you as much as her technique. If you can combo them together Facial/Reflexology or Four Handed massage YOU WILL NOT be disappointed!”

“I just had an incredible experience with a facial at Mon Sanctuaire. When Melinda, the owner finished, I felt wonderful, and looked as though I’d left years of facial aging behind. I felt relaxed from the first moment I entered, with it’s soft white linens & slightly fragranced air. The gentle, positive energy was obvious. I have recently considered having some facial work done, but I know now that it’s not necessary, as such a marvelous change is possible at Mon Sanctuaire. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, & will be a frequent customer. Do yourself and your body a favor and go for the facial and massage! You will come out with a new attitude, never mind a beautiful complexion and relaxed body. Melinda is like a little osteopath. She is totally aware of the stress points in your body and will just make them go away.”

“Melinda Naff is a healer!!! She could look at me and see that I was in pain. I was involved in a horrible car accident years ago that almost took my life. Crainosacral Therapy really works!!! I could feel relief in my body right away!!! I felt calm as well!!! Sometimes I have swelling in my left cheek from trauma to the left side of my face, and the swelling in my cheek went down immediately!!! Thank you Melinda, you are amazing!!!” – AL

“I made an appointment to see Melinda for help with walking. A car accident resulted in my left knee being damaged & a heel spur on my right foot made leaning relying on the right leg for support wasn’t’ possible. The heel spur is gone & although surgery to help my knee wasn’t’ the success the Doctor predicted, seeing Melinda once a week helps me walk with a balance Physical Therapy WASN’T giving me.  Now I see her for ALL her services. The facials & body scrubs are to die for! It was always difficult for me to receive facials as my skin is very sensitive.My sisters & friends in NYC noticed how my complexion has improved, a complete 360’.” – Catherine B (Springfield, VA)

“I have submitted myself to Melinda’s capable hands for several years now and find that her extraordinary ability to sense what your body (and spirit!) needs, and her ability to deliver her unique combination of massage and energy work, provide for a unique experience each time.  And so, each time, you leave renewed and refreshed with your body’s needs understood and taken care of. She is truly one of a kind and a treasure.” – Daiva B (Alexandria, VA)

“Good morning, Melinda.  Your therapy is amazing!!! I was worried when I left you last night, as you were, but I followed your advice. Just Relax. Can’t relax any better than enjoying someone else’s cooking! Went to a friends for a pre-planned supper–and as you predicted, I felt very very sore. With pain. Drank glasses of water. Low key visiting –even had a mini vodka martini (1.5oz)… Very difficult to move arm due to stiffness and pain–but within hours, the pain subsided… After an early evening, I headed for an early bedtime… I felt really tired. Slept on my back, with a heating pad at the top part of my back… Without moving (!) the entire night, I enjoyed a deep, great night’s sleep! Awakened to some stiffness, but NO PAIN! Did take my early morning walk… So, I’m continuing to drink lots of water -and to take it easy. You brought me great, great relief. Thank you so much for working me in -and for working so completely with me….” – D Farley

“Most masseuses make you feel good for an hour, maybe three tops. But Melinda Naff is a ‘healer’ in the true sense of the word. Her unique combination of myofascial massage and craniosacral therapy goes far beyond being relaxing, and helps to heal injuries, strains and stresses that we all store in the body. She helped me tremendously with back-pain during a difficult twin pregnancy and with the physical challenges that came after — I’m at least two inches taller today because of Melinda!” – Elizabeth B, Non-profit consultant, mother of two, and small Cajun, with not enough muscle mass

“Catherine is the very best. Not too hard Not too soft. Just right. Gentle conversations while she does the massage. Total relaxation for mind & body. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” – Eric Rizer

“Melinda saved me from adult on-set acne. I’ve struggled all my life with troublesome skin, but once I hit 40 it was as if I had the face of a teenager again….and not in a good way. I was getting large cystic acne on my chin and jawline. I first discovered Mon Sanctuaire four years ago, by using a coupon from one of those daily deal sites. After seeing the progress of just one or two facial treatments, I have been returning faithfully to use her services ever since! The facials  and the products that she has recommended have done wonders for my complexion. I have had people tell me how great my skin looks and have recommended her every time. Having my acne under control has really boosted my spirits (along with her other great massages and spa services) and I don’t feel like I have to hide my face behind lots of makeup anymore. I bought that coupon on a whim to treat myself, but I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I was led straight to Melinda and Mon Sanctuaire.” – Janelle

“OMG Melinda, I feel human again! I can move, I have almost no pain. I went out for dinner with a friend and had a martini, and between that and my hip not killing me I have a new lease on life! It is always great to see you. Congratulations on your new grandson! And Thank you so much!” – Joanne

“I want you all to know that Melinda Naff is a very experienced, intuitive massage therapist. I’m in construction and I pulled a muscle lifting a heavy object. I went to the doctor and he said my sciatic nerve was the problem and he gave me percocet and muscle relaxers. Wrong, three days later all goofy from the meds I could barely walk. So I was asking some of my friends if there was someone who could help me without taking meds, Melinda was the one. I called her and set up an appointment, I told her my problem and that I was on meds. She told me to stop taking the painkillers so she could find the source from which the pain was coming. I booked an appointment with her, I could barely walk when I got there. Melinda said I looked like a cork screw, all twisted. I could barely get on the massage table, after 10 minutes not knowing me from Adam, she said that I was left handed, (which I am), and that I played golf, (which I do),she is very, very tuned in. For two and a half hours she worked on me and to be honest she was hurting me at times, but told me I have to do this to help you. About 30 minutes before I left I felt relief from the pain. I believe it was because of her persistent, intuitive, professional experience. When I left I could walk normally and without significant pain. I followed up with more therapy from Melinda and a couple of visits to my Chiropractor. I told the Chiropractor that I was seeing a massage therapist and he said who ever worked on you did an excellent job.” – John G (Alexandria, VA)

“Melinda is a master at her trade/art – she is able to detect what is going on in her client’s body and treat it accordingly. I would highly recommend a visit to Melinda!” – KF (Alexandria, VA)

“Thank You and Bless You! I hope you had a relaxing, restorative, and productive Thanksgiving.  I look forward to seeing the decorations you put up.  I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get this to you.  Between my knee procedure, the medications I used for the pain, and the holiday, I’ve been totally thrown off. But I do feel more like myself, and I am having (or am open to) more and more experiences that are sending me the message that it is time to heal myself.  As a result of our last session, I’ve felt more connected to the universe, the people around me, and my own body.  I’ve been breathing better and I feel more confident.  I also healed faster from my knee procedure this time than I ever have in the past, and I’m already going for 3 mile walks, which I usually can’t do until 3 weeks after the more minor procedure—and couldn’t do, due to my back, before I started working with you. More good news: although the MRI shows that I have two torn discs, my discs are actually bulging less than they did at the time of my last MRI.  That is probably a combination of factors, both the prolotherapy I received to strengthen the surrounding ligaments, and the multi-dimensional alignment work we’ve been doing. Thank you so much! You are a blessing, and I owe Rahat big for introducing me to you.” – Kimberly

“A true healer – Melinda from Mon Sanctuaire is AMAZING!! She has an unbelievable gift in relieving pain and placing your body into the deepest state of relaxation. She knows how to treat the body and giving it what it needs to heal. I have referred many to Melinda at Le Sanctuaire. They always tell me thank you and can’t wait to go back. If you have pain any where or need some stress relief, Melinda will help you.!!! BTW- the facials are to die for!! Mon Sanctuaire uses French products that feel like wet silk, leaving your skin super soft!! ” – La Saun ~ personal trainer

“I have had a series of treatments with Melinda (and will continue to see her regularly) and she is truly gifted where skincare and bodywork is concerned. I strongly recommend her for anything that ails you…from head to toe.” – Michele

“Melinda has the gift. Her hands are like extensions of her heart and mind. She hates the term, but she’s a true “healer.” In my sessions with her she’s corrected (or guided my body) back to normal, from things like pain generated from too much stress, or too much weightlifting. Whatever your imbalance, her hands gently coax your body back to the place it’s supposed to be. Each session can be different, as well, depending on what ails you. She doesn’t go through a pre-determined routine. She tells you right up front on the phone, “I can’t tell you what’s wrong or what I’m going to do until I see ya. If you’ve got the time, I recommend doing 90 minute sessions. You won’t be sorry.” – Mike C.

“I got a Signature Facial with Melinda at Mon Sanctuaire February 2, 2010 through a groupon offer.The experience was great! She was obviously highly skilled and had a lot of experience. My skin looked and felt great after words. She was very knowledgeable about the products she used and tailored them to meet my personal skin needs. The best part was the massage though! I felt like I was in heaven, she’s got very gifted hands.I received the services at a discount, but even at full price the facial is worth the price. I would recommend her services to friends.” – Natalie

“I went here with a Groupon – what a find! Melinda was so nice, and she is a real magic worker. I felt like a million dollars when I left, from a combination of the facial, the massage, and the overall relaxation! Never, ever, have I had such a great facial. I struggle with rosacea, and the products she uses (Esthederm) helped me so much – my skin is far less irritated now, which is awesome. Seriously, I’ve been to dermatologists who recommended pills that didn’t really work – but Melinda’s holistic approach made a huge difference immediately. I thought I had clogged pores from heavy products, but it turns out what I was using wasn’t moisturizing my skin ENOUGH – who’d have thought? – and that’s where the problems came from. Melinda’s diagnosis was spot-on, and I’ve been able to use the products at home to keep up a much healthier regimen. I’m really looking forward to going back – and can’t recommend Mon Sanctuaire highly enough!” – Nicole

“Craniosacral Therapy saved my life both physically and emotionally. Melinda Naff is a miracle worker. I have been receiving treatments for about a year and a half.  When I discovered Melinda I had a carpal tunnel like problem with my left thumb that caused severe pain up my arm and rendered my left hand useless. I was about to schedule surgery to cut the sheath on my thumb to relieve the pain. At that time I also had severe pain in the ball of my left foot. I had taken cortisone shots, limped and heels were a thing of the past. I was extremely stressed about my entire physical state. I first went to Melinda simply for a massage to help me relax. She did her magic and I left, not cured, but able to remove the brace from my hand and the pain was greatly reduced. Over about a six-month period she was able to heal the pain in my hand completely. I now have full use of my hand and arm. Now that I could use crutches I scheduled surgery for my foot. I continued my work with Melinda and she focused on my legs and feet. I got almost immediate relief and could actually feel the calcium deposit breaking up in my foot. Today I can wear heels again. The pain does come back and I know that what I need to do is stretch out my muscles. I believe that my hand and my foot problems were due to stress and extremely tight muscles and blocked energy in my leg and knee. Melinda and Craniosacral Therapy released these blockages. My life is active once again and I feel years younger. I am so very thankful that I discovered Melinda. Can’t even imagine what my life would be like if I had continued down the path of pain.” – Ronne F, Rear Admiral, US Navy retired (San Diego CA)

“Catherine ~I would just like to sing her praises for a minute!  She is hands-down the best masseuse I have ever been to and that was the best massage I ever received.  And I’ve received more than my fair share over the last 10 years or so.  I will definitely be coming back and passing your name out to all my friends.  THANK YOU!!” – Sarah Ensley

“Best massage I’ve ever had. Catherine knew all the right places and had all the best techniques. I immediately made a second appointment.” – Scott Hamlin

“Catherine, just to pass along the gratitude, thank you for the wonderful massage. The temperature was perfect, the music relaxing, your technique was tremendous, and the whole experience was just what I needed. As a nurse, I have so much stress in my job, and the personalized massage you gave me was truly one of the best I’ve ever had. The heat you used on my back was incredible and that you spent so much time on my shoulders, neck, and head was so helpful. Thanks again for the wonderful massage. I would surely recommend you to those I know! Respectfully.”

“I have been going to Mon Sanctuaire for over 8 months. Melinda is very good at what she does. She carries wonderful products and makes great recommendations of the product you should use. I ran into some friends last month that I had not seen for a year. They raved about how good my skin looks…if that is not a recommendation for going to see Melinda, I don’t know what is!  Her new location is wonderful.” – Shelia S (Herndon Va)

“Mon Sanctuaire offers bodywork tailored specifically to what’s ailing you. Rather than just providing individual modalities, you are given a healing session that encompasses Ms. Naff’s full range of experience and intuitive talent. The effects of her deep energy and massage work are still being incorporated into my body a week later. She is personable and down-to-earth, a real pleasure.” – Toijar R (New York)

I’ve been going to Mon Sanctuaire for over 2 years and can’t imagine going anywhere else!!! Awesome!! Maria York  Sat, Jun 11, 2016