Body Care

“The Magic of Skin”

A global approach to body and mind.

Body Care Treatments that enhance rituals, awaken the senses to a feeling of well-bring in a perfectly balanced body.

These treatments are wonderful stand alone services and great options to create a tailored treatment just for you!

Mon Sanctuaire specializes in creating unique, tailored treatments for our clients.

Contact us to design yours today!

A clients review of our scrubs~“Wow! Had the body scrub at Mon Sanctuaire for the first time yesterday. What an experience! It’s the type of pampering I expected at spas when I lived in Europe. If you’ve never had one, it is like a facial for your entire body. My skin has never been so soft! Thank you, Melinda!”

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50 minutes – $125.00

lavender-sugar-scrub-now-is-magicVery popular! Gentle enough for all skin types, this natural calming, hydrating scrub  exfoliates, tones and refines the texture of even the driest dullest skin.

This very unique scrub includes:

A gentle but effective scrub, a dry brushing, a warm shower followed by a yummy lavender vanilla hydrating body balm.

Coconut Jasmine  Scrub  50 min. $125.00

Soothing, hydrating and uplifting.

Our coconut jasmine scrub is one of our most popular scrubs, the luscious scent of coconut and jasmine make this a sensory journey. We begin with a dry brushing followed by a cream scrub of jasmine and coconut after a warm shower we finish with a coconut cream body butter.

60 minutes – $160.00

This decadent journey begins with a warm oil application to relax and soften the skin followed by a brisk scrub using a dusting of organic grains of honey and wild sage petals that fall like a soft breath onto your body, lightly caressing your skin.

After a warm shower, we apply a rich mask of shea butter, with skin conditioning extracts of goat milk and sweet vanilla. Then you are cocooned and wrapped to absorb the hydrating goodness. While wrapped, we offer a soothing neck and foot massage using Chai Spice & Vanilla warming balm to give a renewed sense of grounding and well-being.