Getting the most from your massage

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Get the most from your Massage


You have just finished your massage and you feel great. What should you do to help keep that feeling going?

The first thing that you should do is drink some water — about two glasses. For some time, it was believed that drinking water would help remove lactic acid that was released into the bloodstream by the massage. Lactic acid has been related to muscle soreness, however, new research debunks the theory, indicating that the acid levels will return to normal within an hour. So, why do it? Because drinking water helps the body flush out any other toxins that will loosen up during your session and release into your bloodstream. The body always needs sufficient water for proper hydration and it becomes even more important after a massage.

After an aromatherapy massage, do not take a shower or bath right away. The essential oils that our therapist used should stay on your skin to allow them to reach their peak effectiveness and taking a bath or shower afterwards prevents this from happening.

Next, since one of the main reasons why people get a massage is to relax, you should avoid doing anything that will negate that feeling after your massage. Do not get right back into the hustle and bustle of a hectic schedule. Instead, schedule some “me-time” after your massage and do something that you find relaxing. Give yourself some time before you get back to running your errands, picking your kids up from school or going back to work.

One final recommendation is to schedule another session before you leave the office. The benefits of massage increase over time and with repeated sessions.

Before you leave, schedule your next appointment while our therapist has the most availability in their schedule.

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