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Up to $90 Off Microdermabrasion and Signature Facial Specials.

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30 min. Express Microdermabrasion  $69   Reg $99 Save $30  

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Includes: three step cleansing, microderm treatment- finish with calming cream.

Signature Facial Microdermabrasion Treatment $119 Reg $209 Save $90

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Includes: Our Signature Facial with  Microderm treatment

Signature Facial~Esthederm’s three step cleansing process begins this treatment that includes; a calming cleansing milk infused with Esthederm’s cellular water to perfectly hydrate your skin along with calming, soothing properties assuring that your skin’s ecosystem is respected.

A deep pore cleansing that acts like a vacuum to pull impurities and excess sebum to the surface gently washing it away leaving your skin feeling clean and comfortable.

A exfoliation is performed that is gentle enough for the most sensitive skins but effective on all skin types.

A serum is applied to balance your skin’s cellular environment.

Esthederm’s relaxing signature face and neck massage penetrate the serum.  A hydrating mask is massaged in to calm and relax you while re-balancing your skin’s moisture level.  The results are stunning!

Coconut Jasmine Massage  $99. Reg. $120. Save $21

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This treatment is the ultimate holistic massage because it combines a relaxing Blended massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. We use our signature body balm mixed with organic coconut oil for deep hydration and essential oil of jasmine. This powerful oil offers uplifting, cheerful qualities. Jasmine oil is used as a emotional aid in relieving stress, it is also extremely hydrating.

Reflexology, a 5000 year old remedy restores balance, eliminates toxins, stimulates nerve function and produces a deep level of relaxation just to name a few benefits.  We apply warm towels on the back and feet..Heaven!