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Is Coaching Right for you?

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“I highly recommend using Melinda as a coach. She’s tough but she’ll tell you how it is and you’ll thank her for it in the end.”

“I did not know what to expect since this was my first experience with life coaching. Melinda makes sure you understand the difference between coaching and therapy. In my sessions, I realized how much power I had given to those people that I felt were negatively impacting my life.”

 “I was on the run every day but didn’t go anywhere. Melinda’s coaching helped me refocus my direction and find my voice again. It made me face things dead on that I did not even realize I was avoiding.” – I.C. Alexandria, Va.

Melinda’s style of coaching

My personal coaching focuses on one particular relationship- creating a caring and attentive relationship with the most important person in your life-YOU. A healthy relationship with yourself is a catalyst for improving everything else in your life. I believe that we are the only ones who can effectively change or transform our own lives. Most of us have not been taught how to set boundaries or to support ourselves emotionally.

I provide a supportive, motivational approach that allows you to explore what stops you from being the best version of yourself.

I provide a space for you to realize your goals. I help clients choose a desired intention or outcome with measurable results. By assisting clients in committing to action and being a sounding-board for their experiences, I support clients as they grow and develop.

What actually is coaching?

The coach’s key role is assisting clients in maintaining the motivation and commitment needed to achieve their goals.

Coaches and mentors operate in highly supportive roles for those who wish to make significant change within their lives. Coaches offer their clients a motivating environment to explore what they want in life and how they might achieve these aspirations.

By assisting the client in committing to action and by being a sounding-board for their experiences, coaches allow the individual both the personal space and support needed to grow and develop.

Personal coaches may work face-to-face, however telephone based relationships are also very effective.

Difference between coaching and therapy

The key difference between coaching and therapy is that coaching does not seek to resolve the deeper, underlying issues that cause serious problems, like poor motivation, low self-esteem or poor job performance. Coaching and mentoring programs are generally more concerned with the practical issues of setting goals and achieving results within specific time limits.

The sessions are face-to-face meetings as well as phone sessions. I recommend a period of three months with 3 sessions a month for a total of 9 sessions.

As your coach, I will

  • Maintain unconditional, positive regard for you, the client.
  • Be supportive and non-judgmental of you: your views, lifestyle and aspirations.
  • Facilitate the exploration of motivations, desires, and thought processes which will assist you in making real, lasting change.

Melinda’s background as a successful manager goes back 25 years. She has owned two day spas: Body Works in Lynchburg, Va., opened in 1982 the first of its kind in the area and currently Mon Sanctuaire in Alexandria. Her training as an effective coach began in 1990 with 5 years of successful hands-on experience with a wide variety of people. She has created 5 distinct workshops since 1991 and has impacted more than 500 clients who attended these series.

The following are a few reactions to her courses:

“I find I have taken charge and dare I say it…miracles do happen in my life! I am powerful, and congratulate myself constantly.”

“It reminded me to trust my instincts, gave me new insight that will change my life.”

“Melinda’s tremendous insights and courage to speak them gave all of us access to the new information from within ourselves.”

Are you ready?

Melinda is currently offering personal coaching, one-on-one.

The sessions are face to face sessions as well as phone sessions.

I recommend a period of 3 months with 3 sessions a month for a total of 9 sessions.

Schedule a 10 minute conversation to determine if personal coaching with Melinda is right for you.

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