Cellular Water Mist 6.7oz

Cellular Water Mist 6.7oz




Unique and patented, Cellular Water is the main ingredient of Institut Esthederm formulas. Cellular Water Mist, as powerful as a serum, is a source of rejuvenation diffused onto the skin each day.

This moisturizing anti-oxidant revitalizes skin thanks to its formula, which is enriched with hyaluronic acid. When applied before other skin treatments, it transforms your daily beauty routine into an age-defying ritual. The result is a younger-looking, more beautiful skin that lasts.

For all skin types

How to use   Spray on the face and body and gently press to help it penetrate the skin. Apply before your day cream or serum, after make-up to fix it, or at any time of the day. Gently press to help it penetrate the skin. Results Immediately boost the hydration capacity of subsequently applied skincare products. Day after day the skin’s antioxidant capacities are improved. It defends itself better against daily stresses (UV rays, pollution, tobacco, etc) which accelerate signs of aging: wrinkles, dull complexion, irritation.


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