Common misconceptions about facial cleansers

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After performing hundreds of facials I realized that there were conditions/complaints that I saw over and over that were caused by cleansers and facial scrubs.

Often the cleanser choice is based on concerns about breakouts or wanting to ward off aging. In both cases, and for all skin types and conditions until hydration levels are corrected your skin’s cellular environment will be UN-healthy.

Most clients are surprised to learn that their cleansing process is a big part of their frustration with their skin care products and the results they are getting.  Some common side effects from dehydrated/overly cleansed skins are: Sensitivity, red blotchy cheeks, chapped feeling, constant breakout, blocked or enlarged pores.

A common misconception is that if you have oily skin you need to be sure to use a cleanser that will dry up the oil. While that is partly true most cleansers also strip away healthy moisture levels that leave your skin imbalanced.

Esthederm’s Osmoclean cleansers are: Cleansers that work in perfect osmosis with the skin. This is in contrast to traditional cleansers that clean the skin’s whole surface equally.

The difference.. Esthederm’s Osmo-cleansing removes harmful bacteria and preserves beneficial flora, thanks to it’s patented technique, Skin Balance System. Your skin is perfectly cleansed without stripping valuable moisture levels needed to support a healthy cellular environment. A healthy skin will be more balanced, less sensitive and actually break out less.

I use and recommend Esthederm products because they work. Each facial starts with a 3 Step Osmo-Cleansing process that includes a daily cleanser, gentle deep pore cleanser and a gentle but effective exfoliation. These products are available for home use also follow link below for more information.

by Melinda Naff

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