Propolis will heal acne prone skin.

What is Propolis?

Esthederm’s Propolis Line for acne prone skin.

Propolis is a bee-produced substance with pronounced anti-inflammatory effects. Its potent anti viral and antibiotic properties are of great interest in the medical community, where it is being examined as a possible alternative to chemical antibiotics or in some cases a partner to make them more effective.
Esthederm created a line for oily and acne prone skins..the results are impressive.
Most improtantly it’s nothing like most acne lines that dry up the break out but do nothing to actually treat the underlying causes.
The Esthederm Propolis Line offers much needed hydration, calming properties to address sensitivity and inflammation, (one of the main causes of acne) natural anti-bacterial and purifying properties. Reduces imperfections. The complexion is brighter, the skin clearer and purified.
I find that looking at diet and digestive issues can greatly improve your results! Any questions contact me.

Esthederm’s Propolis Line is very effective in treating oily/acne prone skins.

Clients review
My teenage daughter has battled acne for several years. Her dermatologist proscribed numerous oral and topical medications — but all of them irritated her skin, causing painful peeling and redness. And none of them improved her acne. The Dr. told her that the last option was oral birth control. Before going this route, my daughter asked me if we could try an alternative approach. I found Mon Sanctuaire in a Google Search and was encouraged by the client testimonials. After just one visit to Melinda, we noticed an amazing decrease in redness and irritation. My daughter said that her skin didn’t hurt for the first time in years. We made a reasonable investment (I was honestly surprised by how affordable the skin care regime was) in the all-natural facial products Melinda recommended. It has been 6 weeks now, and with daily use of the products and one additional facial with microdermabrasion my daughter’s skin has undergone a transformation. The irritation and redness is completely gone and the breakouts — when they occur — are much less severe and easily controlled. With continued facials and good home care I am confident that her acne will continue to improve and eventually disappear.  I wanted share our experience with others who are unsuccessfully battling acne. I know that my daughter had become somewhat hopeless that anything would work — but Melinda has made it possible for her to enjoy her skin care regime — knowing that it’s making her feel and look better. K Mcmanis Feb 2018
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